A vendor sells you the latest and greatest web site, then provides 30 minutes of training and leaves a card. The only time you see them again—if you see them at all—is when they want more money or to renew the product or service, or when you want to cancel them.

dealerMouth training

and support

When your dealership activates the dealerMouth OS, our trained associate will spend a full day with you, briefing you in detail on its powerful features. In addition, dealerMouth provides revolutionary monthly one-on-one and group training and internet selling seminars.

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dealerMouth sets the business support standard.

Every month, we will engage each individual in your dealership with the latest dealerMouth features, selling techniques, new product releases, and all of the market’s new trends, best practices and selling ideas. Unprecedented support is a key part of dealerMouth’s success.